Fish Mounts

Blanks : $6.00 per inch

Paint ready : $18.00 per inch  /  $150.00 minimum

Painted customer ready : $28.00 per inch



If you want me to do a fish reproduction mount for you,  I will need a little basic information to get started.

  • Any pictures you have of the fish when it was freshly caught are great. I will always try to replicate your fish as close as possible with any information you can provide to me. Colors of fish can vary greatly, also some will have scars or other factors that make that particular fish unique.  You can email  pictures to me at
  • Some measurements will be needed as shown.


  • Girth is measured at the largest part of the fish, normally right in front of the dorsal fin and around the belly.
  • Length is measured from the tip of the lower jaw down the side to the center of the tail.

Remember, even if your fish was caught years ago, you can still have your reproduction mount made. Completion time depends on my current workload. Please allow 8 to 10 months.  I will always try to complete your fish as soon as possible. I charge  $25 dollars per inch for fish reproductions, measured from the tip of the lower jaw to the center of the tail. Crating is included in the price.

I can also make a reproduction from your own fish, if you have it in your freezer or have one freshly caught. Send it or bring it to me and I will custom mold it to your specifications. Contact me for the best method to keep it until you can get it to me. As a rule,if you are going to freeze the fish,it is best to choose the best side or the side you want facing out, the "show side" ,then lay it on a flat board that has no knotholes or imperfections,with the best side up and freeze. Be sure not to lay anything on top of the fish until it is frozen hard. Do not gut or bleed the fish! Also it is better if you do not put it in a plastic bag. If you are bringing me a freshly caught fish,again, lay it on a flat board with no imperfections and set nothing on top of it until you get it to me. Imperfect boards and plastic bags can leave impressions in the skin of the fish that will show in the finished mount.

I can make a custom base to enhance your mount. Just let me know what you want and I'll make it happen. The price will depend on the size and complexity.

All mounts are made with the highest quality materials and painted with high quality lacquer paints.

Shipping is not included in the price.  I ship all completed mounts with UPS ground with insurance.  Shipping will be calculated when complete and crated.

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