Blanks and Heads

Blanks : $6.00 per inch

Paint ready : $18.00 Per inch  /  $150.00 minimum

Painted customer ready : $28.00 per inch


I make all of my fish molds and blanks , unlike most taxidermy shops that buy their fish blanks ready made.The mold making process is one that few will tackle. Blanks are made of fiberglass and have the mouth interior molded in. When you receive your blank it will need the seams to be ground,filled and finished. The fins will need to be cut out and attached. Eyes are not included. Most blanks are nice on both sides and can be used for 360 degree mounts with  no flat sides or flat areas.I can also provide your blank with all cutting and grinding done,fins and eyes attached and installed,primed and ready for paint for $15.00 per inch. I am a one man operation and don't keep an inventory of blanks. I make them as they are ordered. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Most blanks and heads can be shipped priority mail. Some of the larger ones will have to be shipped UPS.

If I don't have a blank that you need, and you have the fish in the freezer, send it to me and I will custom mold it for you. All I charge is my normal fee of $6.00 per inch and I keep the mold. You get the first blank pulled from the new mold.


Artificial heads are reinforced fiberglass (bondo) and are lightweight. They are seamless with the mouth interior molded in. Detail is very good and exact. There is usually no additional work needed before mounting other than installing the eyes.They are washed and have excellent surface quality that ensures proper primer and paint adhesion.They are easily shaped by heating with a heat gun if you want to open the gills wider or custom fit them to your carved body.


 Shipping charges will be calculated when I complete the order and they are boxed and ready for shipment.

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